Burning Through the Sky

“Captain on the bridge!” Ensign Lowe announced as the dark haired Sarah O’Malley Rushed up the stairs and onto the bridge.

“Number One! What the hell’s going on? What kind of signal are we dealing with?”

“Unknown at this time, Captain,” Sokolov said, without looking up from his monitor. “We picked it up about an hour ago as cosmic background noise, but its pattern was too regular and tripped one of our algorithms. We’re not close enough to determine its source, but it doesn’t seem to be natural.”

“Ms. Abioye, plot a course to the signal’s source, preferably without exacerbating Mr. Lowe’s condition.” The captain pressed the button on the arm of her chair. “O’Malley to engineering. Arban, I’m going to need everything you have.”

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From the TSS Hermes (Clowe@terasco.gov). Subject: historic voyage my ass

It’s been three months since I bid you and our home farewell. As the Entanglement Drive engaged, and Sol, Earth and Luna vanished, dwindling into mere points of light, I think I could hear the captain breathe a sigh of relief. I do think she’ll miss home, but, as a vampire, I think she’s glad to be far away from our sun. I’m doing alright, but I’ve lost a few shifts to sporadic transformations. Frankly, I think the helmsman flies past full moons just to fuck with me.

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Show, Don't Tell

Show, don’t tell, an axiom you’ll hear if you’ve spent any time at all around writers, or been in an english class at some point. For a three word axiom, it hides a surprising amount of complexity within. At its core, all it means is that you should write the experience of the world you’re creating, not the experience of the characters experiencing the world. But this sort of thing is best explained through example, so let’s get to it.

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Winter 2018-2019 Check-in

Winter has ended and Spring has sprung. This means that once again, it’s time for a look at what I have and haven’t accomplished since last time. This season was hard. The holidays were up first and shortly thereafter, my dog died. It wasn’t easy but on my site, I managed to finish my little short story series, Darkness Reformed, and went on to write some pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself. But that’s not what this is about. This is about seeing if I hit any of the goals I set for myself. Let’s just jump into it.

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How to Kill (Fictional) People

Stories would be nothing without stakes, and by far, the most common thing at stake is a character’s life. A good story gets you invested, and can even force you to suspend your disbelief in plot armor as you dangle your heroes off a cliff. But when do you let them take the plunge? In general, that’s up to you, but at least hear what I have to say on, how and how not to kill people.

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Diversity: Why You Should Write it

Let’s talk about diversity in fiction. Now I realize a topic sentence like that might frighten those of weak constitution, but rest assured, you have nothing to fear from me. While a diverse cast is by no means a requirement to tell a good story, it must needs be remarked that having a diverse cast can provide a myriad of viewpoints from which to examine your story, and as a result, make it deeper and richer. That’s the core of what I’d like to say, but this would be an awfully short post if it ended here, so let’s set up and knock down some strawmen, shall we?

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Darkness Reformed: Part V - Potential

Shun, Luna and Bruno leaned against the outer wall of Djastra’a. The light shining down from a golden, sunless sky. Under it, each of them felt exposed; like 1000 people were staring at them. As soon as they caught their breath, Bruno grabbed Luna.

“So let me get this straight, Queenie,” he said, holding Luna by the lapels of her robes. “You have no magic, no plan to kill Xipil, and if we leave the city, an ancient god of darkness will tear us apart. Did I miss something or did you just royally screw us!?”

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Gaming with Depression

I would describe myself as a gamer. I’ve been one almost all my life. I started when I was eight with Final Fantasy X and have continued playing games since then. I also have chronic depression. While I cannot place exactly when the depression started, I can guess it all started around the time my Pop-pop, died when I was seven. Gaming and Depression have always gone together for me. Back when I was just getting into it, my family didn’t have a game system so I just stared at the TV and watched whatever was on. Later, once I had my GBA or or Gamecube, I would play those. Fast Forward to now and I’m still basically doing the same thing.

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Darkness Reformed: Part IV - The Silent Road

Fensburg was silent that night. No frogs croaked, no owls or other birds, nothing. The entire wood around the town was eerily silent, and they were all aware of it. That night, no one slept, each of them gravely aware of how much danger they were in. When they set out at dawn, it was reluctantly and with heavy eyelids.

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