The House of Night

On a black night, I walked

The sky above, empty as the road ahead.

on the right, in a strange light, a house appeared.

Its dark blue wall stood out against the black sky and a bright light shone out of a large round window, like a beacon, guiding my journey.

Home was yet far and as the only light I had seen that night, I crossed the field to the worn and loved wooden porch and knocked on the door.

“Might I stay awhile? The darkness has nearly chilled me through.”

Warmth spoke from within. “You may visit.” it said

The door swung open with a sound like crickets and I entered the dark, empty hall.

The floors croaked under my feet and the warmth at the door seemed all but gone in the voidal foyer.

A faint light peaked out from under a door and faded out like echoing laughter.

Like a moth, I was drawn to the light, and threw the door open with a snap and a crash.

At once I was surrounded by tiny pinpricks of light.

They flowed like the tide, babbled like a brook and blew past me like a summer wind.

I bathed in the cool, watery light of the stars.

Once refreshed, I went upstairs, pulled by a starry wind.

The next door I came to was cold to the touch.

Water dripped from the handle.

Echoing through the celestial halls of the house.

I pushed, and the door slid open

All at once, with a flash and a bang, the clouds silently rushed past me, and around me.

Some rested on the floor, others on the ceiling.

And as they danced around each other, they would flash a bright blue or purple before burping. An apology.

I proceed through the fog and stars to the final room on the third floor.

As I walked, the stars danced and played around me

Bouncing off the walls and colliding with each other.

I opened the final door

A round knob

And felt the ground press against my head. The mud caressing me and incessant, peaceful sounds of frogs and crickets singing to me.

Above me,

In front of me

The moon stood. Surrounded by its family and shining its pale, cool, light down on me and the rest of the dark world.

“Thank you for staying in the house of night,” the moon said

The stars echoed.

“See you again soon,”