The Prince

Once, long ago before the world as we know it existed, there were other people. People who, at a glance might seem similar, but the longer one stares at them, the stranger they look. Their bodies and souls were changed with the events of their lives.

One day, in the kingdom of Seldaesia, a baby boy was born to the royal family. The king and queen were monsters, scarred and deformed from years of hard decisions and wars lost and won;  the kingdom was failing. Crime was up, and the treasury was empty. Things looked bleak and so they kept their son in a safe room. The kingdom would need a ruler one day, this they knew, but they wanted their successor to be regal and beautiful as their ancestors had been. They wanted him to be human. So they horded their son; kept him blindfolded and only allowed their most trusted servants and slaves to serve the child. He lived that way for 15 years. On his 15th birthday he asked his mother, the queen,

“Mother, when can I see the world?”

His mother held him tight and said, “When we’re gone and the people need someone with fresh eyes,”

And so the young man dropped it and continued to live in a world of darkness and fiction in his safe room.

Another year passed and on his 16th birthday, the prince asked his father,

“I know I’m meant to remain blind so I can be a fresh eyed ruler, but would one peak, really hurt?”

His father embraced him tightly and said “Boy, I love you. And I want our kingdom to love you. But if you had seen what we have seen, no one could love you.”

And so the prince dropped it.

Over the next year, rumors started to spread throughout the common folk. Rumors that the king and queen had an heir, but kept him locked in the dungeon. The rumor gained traction and before the king and queen knew it, there was an angry mob at the gates. The king stepped forward to speak to the people from the walls of the castle. He opened his mouth to speak, and as he did, someone in the crowd loosed and arrow. The arrow found its mark and pierced the king’s heart. He coughed and sputtered, trying to calm the crowd, but could only fall and die in a pool of his own blood.

The queen gave the order and the gates were opened. The guards and commoners fought as equals and the queen fought as a monster with claws and fangs and blades all embroiled in a bloody dance. But alas, she was struck down. Not by an enemy, but by a clumsy one of her guards who ran her through with a spear.

The crowd stormed the castle, searching for their new prince and looting as they went. Eventually, they found him. He sat quietly in his windowless, lightless room, a black blindfold covering his eyes. A woman rushed forward and uncovered his eyes. The prince blinked, the world coming into focus for the first time. He saw the mob before him, their clothes and weapons stained with blood and knew in an instant what had happened. His eyes, once pure white changed, flashing all different colors before settling on black. His pale skin became a dark red. He let out a cry as horns grew from his head and wings sprouted from his back. As his nails and teeth grew, he smiled at the people surrounding him

The people stared at him. Not in horror, but in awe. He was regal and beautiful. Many in the crowd smiled back. His was their prince. A prince for the kingdom of monsters.

Happy New Year everyone! I was going through some stuff I wrote awhile ago and found this. I hope you like it. I kind of wanted to write something like a fairy tale, and though I’m not sure it ticks all the boxes I wanted it to, I’m pretty happy with the final result.