Burning Through the Sky

“Captain on the bridge!” Ensign Lowe announced as the dark haired Sarah O’Malley Rushed up the stairs and onto the bridge.

“Number One! What the hell’s going on? What kind of signal are we dealing with?”

“Unknown at this time, Captain,” Sokolov said, without looking up from his monitor. “We picked it up about an hour ago as cosmic background noise, but its pattern was too regular and tripped one of our algorithms. We’re not close enough to determine its source, but it doesn’t seem to be natural.”

“Ms. Abioye, plot a course to the signal’s source, preferably without exacerbating Mr. Lowe’s condition.” The captain pressed the button on the arm of her chair. “O’Malley to engineering. Arban, I’m going to need everything you have.”

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From the TSS Hermes ( Subject: historic voyage my ass

It’s been three months since I bid you and our home farewell. As the Entanglement Drive engaged, and Sol, Earth and Luna vanished, dwindling into mere points of light, I think I could hear the captain breathe a sigh of relief. I do think she’ll miss home, but, as a vampire, I think she’s glad to be far away from our sun. I’m doing alright, but I’ve lost a few shifts to sporadic transformations. Frankly, I think the helmsman flies past full moons just to fuck with me.

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Darkness Reformed: Part IV - The Silent Road

Fensburg was silent that night. No frogs croaked, no owls or other birds, nothing. The entire wood around the town was eerily silent, and they were all aware of it. That night, no one slept, each of them gravely aware of how much danger they were in. When they set out at dawn, it was reluctantly and with heavy eyelids.

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Darkness Reformed: Part III - Maea

“Will people even let us in?”

Shun shrugged. “Don’t know, don’t care. If anyone asks you who you are, just tell them... actually, pretend you’re a mute. I’ll do the talking.”

“And if they know what a black dragon looks like?”

“Can’t you just glamor yourself to look different?”

Luna sighed and looked away. “No, I’m actually not very good with glamors, the thing I do with my wings isn’t even technically a glamour, it’s just a dark facsimile.”

“Useless...” Shun muttered under his breath.

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