Winter 2018-2019 Check-in

Winter has ended and Spring has sprung. This means that once again, it’s time for a look at what I have and haven’t accomplished since last time. This season was hard. The holidays were up first and shortly thereafter, my dog died. It wasn’t easy but on my site, I managed to finish my little short story series, Darkness Reformed, and went on to write some pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself. But that’s not what this is about. This is about seeing if I hit any of the goals I set for myself. Let’s just jump into it.

Goal 1: Begin First Round of Edits by Spring

Ding ding ding. I fucking did it! I am currently going over chapter 9 of my manuscript and trying to find ways of cleaning it up. I may even merge it with one of the other chapters. Sky’s the limit at this stage. This was such a success that it almost feels impossible that there was a time when the story wasn’t written.

Goal 2: Publish One Piece of Writing Here per Week

Not as clean a win as I wish it was. When Sophie died I took a week or so off and so missed a couple weeks. Tragedy notwithstanding however, I somehow made it. Even if I was late a couple of times.

Goal 3: Begin Recruiting Beta Readers

This one was a failure. Aside from the few folks I got to agree to help me a few years ago, I haven’t made any further progress here. That said, if you would be interested in being a beta reader, contact me on my social media or send me an email. The failure of this goal simply comes down to me and my social anxiety. I’m super scared to put myself out there, but I’m going to have to do this either way. I think I’ll carry this goal over into the spring season.

Goal 4: Write 1,000 Words a Day, Minimum

I’ll be honest here. I got no clue if I’ve done this or not. I’m inclined to say no, since I’ve been editing and writing a lot of shorter form stuff, but I really have no way to know for sure. I’m going to carry this over into spring, just because I like 1,000 as a number and it gives me something to reach for, even if I don’t do it.

Time for the weird ones...

Undisclosed Marketing Goal 1

Ehhh... more or less. I’m not willing to give myself a passing grade here, but I think I did better on this than I did last season.

Undisclosed Marketing Goal 2

I actually don’t know what this was. I checked my phone, where I write down what these are, but I don’t have anything written for this. It might’ve been a follower goal, but I can’t prove that for sure. If it was, I failed. If not, ?????????.

So, what’re the goals this spring?

Goal 1: Finish First Edits by Summer

Goal 2: Publish one Piece of Writing here per Week

Goal 3: Recruit Beta Readers (For real this time)

Goal 4: Write at Least 1,000 Words per Day

Goal 5: Undisclosed Marketing Goal

Goal 6: Undisclosed Marketing Goal 2.

With that, I must bid you all farewell and get back to work. Good luck everyone. I hope you all can meet your goals, just as I hope I can meet mine.