How to Kill (Fictional) People

Stories would be nothing without stakes, and by far, the most common thing at stake is a character’s life. A good story gets you invested, and can even force you to suspend your disbelief in plot armor as you dangle your heroes off a cliff. But when do you let them take the plunge? In general, that’s up to you, but at least hear what I have to say on, how and how not to kill people.

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Diversity: Why You Should Write it

Let’s talk about diversity in fiction. Now I realize a topic sentence like that might frighten those of weak constitution, but rest assured, you have nothing to fear from me. While a diverse cast is by no means a requirement to tell a good story, it must needs be remarked that having a diverse cast can provide a myriad of viewpoints from which to examine your story, and as a result, make it deeper and richer. That’s the core of what I’d like to say, but this would be an awfully short post if it ended here, so let’s set up and knock down some strawmen, shall we?

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Gaming with Depression

I would describe myself as a gamer. I’ve been one almost all my life. I started when I was eight with Final Fantasy X and have continued playing games since then. I also have chronic depression. While I cannot place exactly when the depression started, I can guess it all started around the time my Pop-pop, died when I was seven. Gaming and Depression have always gone together for me. Back when I was just getting into it, my family didn’t have a game system so I just stared at the TV and watched whatever was on. Later, once I had my GBA or or Gamecube, I would play those. Fast Forward to now and I’m still basically doing the same thing.

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